What we do

We provide support and social services for children in Doncaster, except for education and learning.

We work with our local partners to do the best for children, young people and families who need support in their daily lives. 

We are a young organisation which will develop over time, and this will include working with local communities and becoming a presence in Doncaster. 

How we help children and young people

We work to keep Doncaster’s children and young people safe and make sure they don’t suffer from neglect.

Neglect means not being cared for properly which could include being left hungry, dirty, or not being kept safe from harm.

We also support young people who have broken the law. We help them to build a better future and avoid getting back into trouble.

We have been given this responsibility by the government and by Doncaster Council as part of our contract.

What we mean by ‘children and young people’

This means anyone aged from birth to 18. We also provide support for some people up to the age of 25 if they have been looked after in the care system.

Our targets for improving services

We want to give the best possible support to children, young people and families in Doncaster who are going through difficult times. The government’s inspection service Ofsted will measure how well we are doing.
Our targets are to achieve the following standards in an Ofsted report:

  • 'Requires improvement' or better by April 2016
  • Good or better by October 2017
  • To be outstanding by October 2019

If Ofsted decides not to inspect our services in these years we will ask other children’s social service providers to check that we have reached our target standards.

What we are doing to reach these standards

We are doing five main things:

  1. Building a strong team of staff who want to keep working for us. This is important because we know that the people we support prefer to see the same social workers over a period of time, instead of lots of different ones.
  2. Asking children, young people and families to tell us if there was anything we could have done better. We can’t always do what people ask us, but if we will take what people tell us very seriously and make improvements wherever we can.
  3. We are trying new ways of working and using the results to help us improve services. We want to help people achieve ‘positive outcomes’ which means lasting change leading to a better quality of life. We hope that our new projects will lead to so many positive outcomes that they will be copied in other places.
  4. We are working closely with our partner organisations because we can all do a better job by working together. Our partners are other organisations that protect and support people in Doncaster, such as the police and health services. We work together by sharing information and by planning together through the Team Doncaster group.
  5. We are making sure we spend money wisely and in a way which achieves our targets. It is important to do this because our money comes from the public through the taxes they pay to the government and Doncaster Council.

To find out more about the Trust you can download our Initial Corporate Business Plan from the link below.

Trust Business Plan for 2016 to 2019 (1.1M, .PDF)

We are pleased to share with you our business plan for Doncaster Children’s Services Trust.

What we do

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