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Who we are?

Doncaster Youth Offending Service (YOS) has staff from a variety of professional backgrounds including social workers, police officers, probation officers, health advisors, education officers/careers advisers, drugs workers, and accommodation officers.

Children and young people offend for a variety of reasons – social and family problems, peer group pressures, social exclusion, truancy, drug problems.

To help young people stop re-offending they need the input of staff with a variety of knowledge and skills to help them to make the right life choices.

The development of YOS is overseen by the Youth Justice Board, which has the following objectives:

  • Swift administration of justice
  • Confronting young people with the consequences of their offending
  • Interventions to tackle risk factors
  • Punishment proportionate to the seriousness of offending
  • Encouraging reparation to victims
  • Reinforcing the responsibilities of parents
  • These objectives are to achieve the principal aim, which is to prevent youth offending.

The Youth Offending Service (YOS) Strategic Plan lays out how Doncaster YOS and its partners are to achieve this aim and how its progress will be measured against three national indicators. These are:-

  • Rate of proven re-offending by young people in the youth justice system – the number of further proven offences committed per 100 young people in the cohort of January – March with 12 months of the initial substantive outcome.
  • Young people receiving a conviction in court who are sentenced to custody – The percentage of custodial sentences issued to young people out of all sentences issued to young people in court.
  • First-time entrants to the youth justice system aged 10-17 –The number of first-time entrants to the youth justice system, defined as young people aged 10-17 who received their first substantive outcome, per 100,000 young people aged 10-17. 

More information about us and other services you might find useful

We are supported by:

  • Voluntary organisations one of which provides direct reparation between young offenders and the victims of crime where appropriate. There is also an indirect reparation scheme which oversees reparation to the wider community by the young offender.
  • The Community Justice Centre which provides life-skills and offence-based programmes for young people subject to a range of court orders.
  • The Youth Mentoring Scheme, which recruits, trains, deploys and supervises volunteer mentors who provide young offenders with a positive adult role model

What we do

The Youth Offending Service:

  • Works closely with other agencies to prevent young people from offending in the first place; this work is monitored by the YOS Management Board which meets on a quarterly basis.
  • Assesses and provides an intervention package to advise and assist young people who are given Youth Conditional Cautions by the police. 
  • Supervises young people remanded to local authority accommodation or placed on Bail support. 
  • Prepares pre-sentence reports and other court reports to provide magistrates and judges with the information they require to pass the appropriate sentence. 
  • Provides responsible officers for the supervision of young offenders given custodial or community sentences by The Youth and Crown Courts. 
  • Works closely with other agencies to reduce anti-social behaviour by young people in local neighbourhoods. 
  • Trains and supports people in local communities to become Community Panel Members, responsible for drawing up contracts and overseeing the intervention with young people placed on Referral Orders following a first court appearance. 
  • Provides intensive supervision and surveillance of the most serious and prolific youth offenders following release from custody or as an alternative to a custodial sentence.  

View the Youth Justice Board website for more information.

Where we are

Youth Offending Service

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