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Our Business Plan

We want to give the best possible support to children, young people and families in Doncaster who are going through difficult times. We have set five main targets to help us achieve our targets of becoming Ofsted rated ‘Outstanding.' 

The government will send Ofsted inspectors to check if we are doing all the right things.

Our five main targets: 

Identify the needs and risk

We will identify the needs and risk to children, young people and families. We do this so we can help those who need our services to stay safe and improve their life.

We will do this by keeping clear records about all our cases, including what children and young people say. We will use these records to plan our work so we can help people reach their potential.

Improving the quality of our work

We will keep on improving the quality of our work by:

  • Offering the same high quality service to all our children, young people and families.
  • Talking and listening to our partner organisations, like the police and schools.
  • Regularly checking the quality of what we do by inviting experts to come and see how we work.
  • Making sure children, young people and families have the best possible experiences by quickly putting this right if they go wrong and telling staff what children, young people and families are pleased about.
Making a difference

We will make sure our staff have the skills they need and do the things which make a real difference by:

  • Building a strong team of workers who want to stay with us. Helping them keep well and giving them the right amount of work to do.
  • Supporting members of our team who need to learn new things. This will help them support children, young people and families even better.
Working closely with partners

We will work closely with partners so we can provide the best possible service by:

  • Talking to our partner groups to make sure we are doing all the right things to keep children safe in Doncaster. We want our services to fit together like a jigsaw so that there are no gaps which leave children in danger.
  • Listening carefully to children and families we are working with, so we understand what support they need.

You can read more about how we work with our partners here. 

Our organisation works well

We will make sure our organisation works, and everyone who works in it is working well, this includes our board of directors, our managers and all of our staff by:

  • Making sure all our staff know how we are doing, and where we need to improve. One of the ways we will measure this is by counting things, like how many assessments we’ve carried out on time.
  • Encouraging everyone in our team to work carefully and be proud of what they do.
  • Looking for opportunities to build up our business by developing other services for children and young people.

To find out more about the Trust you can download our Business Plan from the link below. 

What Ofsted said

We are delighted that Ofsted has rated our services as ‘good’ across the board following their re-inspection at the end of 2017.

The inspectors have praised the work being delivered by the Trust and the council; all services are now rated as ‘good’ as a result of a robust, determined and clear leadership and the Trust being ‘highly effective in developing a culture for good social work to flourish’. 

Here are some of our highlights from the report, published on Friday 19 January 2019:

"Social workers know the children they are working with well."

"The participation and influence of care leavers throughout is excellent, demonstrating that young people are at the heart of the service."

"The voice of the child is impressively an absolutely integral part of individual casework and planning of service delivery."

"Director work with children is a strength and well embedded in practice."

"The voice of the child looked after is powerful in Doncaster."

"‘Care leavers’ achievements are widely celebrated through local events, notice board and individual letters sent by senior leaders."

You can read a full copy of the report here.

PDF icon Ofsted - Re-inspection of services for children in need of help and protection.pdf


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