WWD Toddler

What we do

We are an independent company which delivers children's social care and family support services across Doncaster. Our areas of work include child protection, services for children in need and children in care, services to children who have left care, family support to families, fostering and adoption services, family group conferencing, family time contact services, advocacy and children's home.

At any one time, we work with around three and half thousand children, young people and their families.  

Preventing Neglect

We work to keep Doncaster’s children and young people safe and make sure they don’t suffer from neglect. Neglect is when a child is not being cared for properly which could include being left hungry, dirty, or not being kept safe from harm. We also support young people who have broken the law. We help them to build a better future and avoid getting back into trouble.

Supporting families

We support families who need a bit of extra help to give their children a good start in life. We do this through our parenting and family support service which is part of the ‘Early Help’ support available from services such as the council, doctors, nurses and teachers to support families.

Caring for children

Some of the children and young people are at risk of being harmed, or are not be properly looked after. We work their families to help keep them safe. Sometimes we need to arrange for children to be with other carers for a while.

Our business

The Government and Doncaster Council have asked us to keep children safe in Doncaster, and we have an agreement called a contract. We also work with other groups of people who are helping keep children safe. This includes council workers, police officers, doctors, nurses and teachers. We call them our partners because we work as a team.

What we mean by ‘children and young people’

This means anyone aged from birth to 18. We also provide support for some people up to the age of 25 if they have been looked after in the care system.

“A huge thank you – you have given her the best chance of a secure future.”

Feedback from IRO

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