As of January 2021 the adoption services from all South Yorkshire councils and Doncaster Children’s Services Trust joined together to deliver adoption services as part of a new regional adoption agency called One Adoption South Yorkshire.

One Adoption South Yorkshire also includes: 

  • Barnsley Council
  • Rotherham Council
  • Sheffield City Council

As part of One Adoption South Yorkshire we will have closer links with and be able to share expertise and best practice with One Adoption North and Humber and One Adoption West Yorkshire who have already formed regional adoption agencies in the same way we are doing. Please see the One Adoption website for more information.

Over the next few months you will start to see some changes to our website and how you contact us but for the time being please contact us in the usual way.

If you are in the South Yorkshire area and are interested in adopting, please get in touch with us.

Find out more about adopting in Doncaster by visiting our adoption website:

I want to adopt

Doncaster is always looking for people who are interested in providing safe and secure homes for children through adoption. We accept applications from people of all ages, backgrounds, cultures and lifestyles. Find out more about by visiting

I want to adopt my step-child 

Step parent adoption happens when the new partner of a parent, legally adopts a child from a previous relationship of that parent. This transfers all levels of parental responsibility from the ‘absent’ birth parent, to the step parent. A court will grant an Adoption Order which severs all legal links with the child’s absent birth parent and wider family. The application must be made before the child’s 18th birthday.

You can apply to adopt a step child if:

  • You are over 21
  • You are married to one of the child’s birth parents, or are living with a birth parent in an family relationship for a minimum of 1 year
  • You reside in the British Isles and have done so for at least 6 months

The best interests of the child must be considered prior to applying for adoption, it is important to consider their thoughts and feelings, as well as those of the ‘absent’ birth parent and their family.
To find out more about adopting a step-child, please contact our adoption support team by emailing fostering& or calling 01302 735508

I am related to someone who is going to be, or was, adopted

If you are ready to take the first steps in trying to find a family member who was, or is, adopted then you can register your interest in searching for them. PAC-UK is an independent agency who we work with to provide adoption support services. They are a team of specialist workers who help provide individuals and families affected by adoption. Find out more, and register your interest in searching for someone who has been adopted, by visiting their website:

I've heard about One Adoption, what is this?

To meet with the government's aim to organise all adoption services regionally local Adoption Teams in Doncaster, Barnsley, Sheffield and Rotherham, are working towards Regionalisation of Adoption to create one single South Yorkshire agency, providing the best possible local adoption services. You can find out more about this by visiting the One Adoption website here:






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