Support for adopters

Support for adopters

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We know that when families adopt a child or young person they may need continued support and assistance. We work in partnership with adopters and other agencies to make sure you’re able to look after and care for the child or children you’ve adopted.

Adopted children can have ongoing needs and you and your child or children may benefit from ongoing support known as the ‘adoption passport’ You may also be able to receive support from the local authority that your adopted child is from, for up to three years, after that the responsibility to access support passes to the local authority where you live.

In Doncaster we have a dedicated adoption support team who can be contacted on 0345 0020012  or via email on

Post Adoption Support Plans

All adopters should have a support plan agreed before they adopt their child. The plan includes details of specialist support that will be needed, outlines contact arrangements and agrees any financial support that will be offered.

Letterbox Contact 

For some children who are adopted, it is agreed that they will have varying kinds of contact with members of their birth family. The most common form of this is through the Letterbox, which is an indirect way for adopted children to communicate with their birth parents and possibly other members of their birth family. We can offer you guidance to assist you in writing letters on behalf of your adopted children.

Support Groups

As an adoptive parent you are able to join a variety of support groups which provide an excellent opportunity to meet other adopters in the area and have an informal get together over a cup of tea. In Doncaster there is a support group which meets monthly. Your social worker will be able to tell you more about this as well as support groups for adoptive children.

Training for adopters

We offer lots of ongoing training to our adopters and you can speak to your social worker if you think there is something you need to be trained in. We also have a wide range of information, books and DVDs that all adopters are able to access to help you on your adoptive journey. Contact your social worker to find out more or view the online training brochure and booking form here..

The Adoption Support Fund

Adoptive families who are in need of extra financial support can apply to the Adoption Support Fund. The funding is designed to help you access specialist therapeutic services, like cognitive therapy, play and music therapy and intensive family support. This can help children recover from their previous experiences, bond with their adoptive families and settle into their new life. To find out more visit the website here:

Free childcare places for 2 year olds

You may be eligible for 15 hours of free childcare for your 2 year old. Find out more, and apply, here:

School Pupil Premium

At school, your child will be eligible for the Pupil Premium – an additional £1,900 for state-funded schools to help meet an adoptive child’s needs. You will need to let the school know that your child is adopted so that the school can claim the pupil premium. For more details click:

Support for LGBT adopters

Doncaster's Adoption Service is a member of New Family Social, a national organisation that supports LGBT adopters. Once prospective adopters apply to be assessed with Doncaster, families can join New Family Social themselves via their website and will automatically be provided with free membership.


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