Trust’s Young Advisors head to Romania

Young people from Doncaster Children’s Service Trust are heading to Romania to volunteer in a day centre for homeless children.

The Chief Executive’s Young Advisors from the Trust will be embarking on a five day experience as they join the charity Vis de Copil, which has been helping homeless children in Romania for over 18 years.

The group of five, consisting staff and young people, are set to go in late August and will be helping children of all ages to access what most people would consider basic necessities of life, such as hot meals, showers and fresh clothes, as well as working to provide basic education.

Angela Emerton, Advocacy Support Worker with the Trust and trip organiser, commented: “It is important for the Young Advisors to come out of their comfort zones to see the reality of how some people have to live. It will mean so much to them all to be able to do the wonderful work we are going to do whilst in Romania and to be able to make a real difference to the lives of these children.

“The advisors have worked hard to raise funds of £316.40 through staff collections for the charity which will be used to help provide fresh food for the children, as well as school equipment and clothes.”

The charity, Vis de Copil, relies solely on donations to provide the sanctuary for the children who would otherwise have no place of safety.

Commenting on the experience, one of the Young Advisors, Amy said: “I find it rewarding to help others and give them the emotional support they will need. I think experiencing and seeing how the Romanian children live will allow us all to realise how grateful we should be for the smallest things in life. If we go out there and make even a slight difference, I will be beyond words.”

Doncaster Children’s Service Trust prides itself on its commitment to child wellbeing, with a heavy focus around the child’s voice.

Chief Executive of the Trust, Paul Moffat said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for our Young Advisors. They are showing commitment and dedication to these children, devoting their summer to put the vision and values of the Trust into practice. I am very proud of all who are taking part. They are a credit to the Trust.”


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