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Within the Trust our Young Advisors work on all sorts of fun things to help make sure the voice of the child is heard and most importantly listened too. Our Young Advisors work hard to help everyone understand what life is really like for children and young people in care.

They help teach people about life in care so we can work together to make things better for the children and young people in care. Over the year’s they have been part of some incredible things and made changes that we know will make a big difference to others.

They part take in Advocacy and Participation work, have spoken at National Conferences, been down to Westminster and worked on some incredible projects. To keep you in the loop we will be sharing some of thier wonderful work, keeping you up to date with the latest news.

HearMe Newsletter

The HearMe newsletter, is a monthly newsletter created by the Young Advisors to share what it is like being at the heart of the Trust. Every month our Young Advisors will be chatting to some of the people who work at the Trust to find out what they do, to share with our children and young people in care. 

The Young Advisors August blog

Hiya, welcome to our first blog as Young Advisors,

We wanted to start a blog to keep you up to date with some of the things we have been up to over the last month. As a Young Advisor we get to do a variety of fantastic work but we don’t often get chance to share it wider with the Trust, so here we go!

The Young Advisors October blog

Welcome back to our third blog,

We have had yet another crazy month full of exciting events. We’ve helped deliver the Celebrating Success Awards, taken part in the Trusted Mentor fun day and we have said a very sad goodbye to our previous Chief Executive, Paul Moffat.

The Young Advisors September blog

Hiya, welcome back to our blog,

This month we have been really busy with all sorts of summer fun. We have been working many events with our Advocacy and Participation team and our work has even taken us to Romania. We have lots to fill you in on so keep reading!

“Just to say a big thank you for all your support and everything that you have done. You are such a lovely person, thank you for being there.”


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