The Young Advisors February blog

This month we have been extremely busy with lots of visits here, there, and everywhere.

Firstly, we took a trip to London and attended the mental health pilot board which was held at the NCVO in Regents Wharf. It was a long but fun filled day for us in which we got to voice our own thoughts and opinions on the mental health passport that is being created in collaboration with multiple organisations.

Jordan started the day by introducing us and impressed everyone with an amazing his speech. The speech made him a celebrity for the day, with multiple people coming to speak with us.

The event was focused on all organisations coming together to deliver their insight on areas that could help improve the mental health passport that will be delivered in the near future. We were asked to come up with three things that we thought strong and three things we believe could be improved upon. We suggested that the name of the document could be changed from ‘passport’ to ‘journal’ to give it a more friendly feel, since it is a personal document that you can keep adding to with your own words. The day was a great success and it was lovely to receive such kind feedback from our peers and those who ran the event!

Taking another visit this month Kanisha and Jordan also travelled to Leeds for the Fostering Network Conference. Here they did a snippet of HearMe training for the room of attendees. They explained the role of the Trust’s Young Advisors and the impact we have on our children, young people and staff through sharing our experiences of being in care. We had some great feedback and were able to use our voices to give Doncaster’s children input into improvements.

We have done a lot of work this past month with our children and young people which includes our Children in Care Council, REG 44 visits and our Youth Clubs. We held another great ‘Children in Care Council’ where we all had a nice treat of KFC for tea before moving on to the task at hand. This month we focused on the local offer which provides information for children and young people with special educational needs (SEND) and their parents or carers in a single place. It shows families what they can expect from a range of local agencies including education, health and social care and all advisors had their own group. We went through the local offer and figured areas we feel could be altered, with all council members managing to have their say before feeding back to Tracey and Angie. It was a successful meet, and we hope the feedback we provide will have some great outcomes.

This month we also celebrated Valentine’s Day at the trust. We held a Valentine’s Day theme disco for our fellow children and young people. We had DJ Darius, music, activities, and we even made our own sandwiches for everyone, which Kanisha thinks didn't go down well with our young people so I think we might have pizza next time.

Finishing off the month we have also conducted a few REG 44 visits, this is when we go out with Angie, our Advocacy Support Worker, and visit children who would like an advocate. We go and visit children to fill out our REG 44 form which is a document that needs to be completed before the advocacy process can begin. We do this in a casual manner, asking the children and young people questions whilst doing activities so they don’t feel the process is daunting and overwhelming.

It has been another great month for us here at the Trust, we hope you have enjoyed reading all about it.  

Take care, 

Jordan, Amy and Kanisha.

The Young Advisors

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