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Your important documents and information

Find out what important documents you need and how to keep them safe.

We all need important documents because without them we can’t do simple things like book onto a course, claim benefits or open a bank account. We will make sure you have the important documents that you need in adulthood, such as a passport and birth certificate. We will keep copies of your important document safely on file and you will be responsible for keeping the original documents safe.

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Your Birth Certificate

Your birth certificate is a very important document so you need to keep it safe.  

We will make sure you have your birth certificate.

If you lose your birth certificate you will have to pay for new copies. 

Your National Insurance Number (N.I) number

We will make sure you have your National Insurance Number. We will apply for this as soon as you reach 15 years and 9 months old. You cannot apply for a National Insurance Number until this time.

Your Passport

We will support you with an application for a 10-year passport.

Your passport is one of your main sources of I.D., so you need to take care of it and keep it safe.

If you lose your passport, a new passport will cost you £75.50.

You cannot leave or re-enter the country without your passport, and are at risk of identity theft if it gets lost.

Your Provisional Driving Licence

We will make sure that you are supported to apply for a provisional driving licence.

We will pay for you to access ten driving lessons if you are in Education, Employment or Training. In addition to this we will pay for both your theory test and your practical driving test.

All young people need to have booked their theory test prior to starting driving lessons. 

You cannot drive without a provisional driving licence.

Your provisional driving licence is an important document so you need to take care of it and keep it safe.

If you lose your provisional driving licence it will cost you £20 to replace it.

Keeping your documents safe

We can keep copies of all your documents safe for you if you wish. You will keep the original documents as you will need these on occasions such as opening a bank account and renewing your passport, so make sure you take care of them and keep them safe.

Accessing your information

If you receive children’s social care services from the Trust or from Doncaster Council, or have ever done so in the past, you can ask to see your information by making a formal request which is called a Subject Access Request. 

Some young people may find it upsetting or difficult to read this information, so it is important to have someone to support you, your PA will support you with this if you would like them to. 

If you want to access the information we hold about you your PA will support you to make this request which needs to be sent to:

Doncaster Children's Services Trust
Colonnades House
Duke Street

Or email:

You can read more on our website here


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