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Your right to be heard

We will uphold your right to be listened to and make sure you have access to an advocate if you need help to have your voice heard.

Young people are at the centre of everything we do at the Trust. We want to deliver the very best services for our children and young people. 

Hear Me

Young people are at the centre of everything we do at the Trust. We want to deliver the very best services for our children and young people. We know that we can only do this by listening to you. After all, you know our services the best and will tell us it like it is – what works, what doesn’t work and often have ideas as to how we can make things better for you. Hear Me brings together all the opportunities for our children and young people to be heard, be it through sharing their thoughts, ideas and opinions with their social worker, independent reviewing officer (IRO), advocate or school teacher, or by getting involved in one of our care councils, participation groups, or by being a Young Advisor to the Chief Executive of the Trust.

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Who can be supported by an advocate from the Trust?

We provide an advocate for any child or young person who has a Doncaster social worker, even if they live in another part of the country. Any young person can request support from an advocate. If you are a young person making a complaint about children's social care in Doncaster, you can ask for an advocate to support you with this even if you do not have a social worker.

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We will make sure you have the opportunity to participate. Participation is the process of involving children and young people in decision-making both individually and collectively. Participation can happen in lots of different ways, for example, group discussions, individual conversations, creative projects and much more.

Hear Me…telling it like it is brings together all the opportunities at the Trust for our children and young people to get involved and be heard, including:

  • Hear Me voice and influence groups
  • Individual conversations
  • Chief Executive’s young advisors
  • Creative projects
  • Recruitment and selection of staff
  • Developing and delivering our Hear Me training to Trust staff, foster carers and associated service providers
  • Consultations
  • Surveys and Questionnaires

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Personal Adviser

A Personal Adviser (PA) is someone who begins to work with you around your 17th birthday to help you get ready for becoming independent. Should you become a “Relevant” young person then the PA can start working with you at 16. They don’t replace your Social Worker; they work with you and your Social Worker together with anyone else involved with you such as education, health and housing services. Your PA will support you until you are at least 21 years old but can continue to offer you support until 25 if you need them to.

Independent Visitor Scheme

An independent visitor is a volunteer who befriends and visits a young person (like you) living in the care of the council such as in a residential home or foster care. Young people who receive an independent visitor are usually aged between 5 and 21. An independent visitor can give a young person a few hours per month for a minimum of two years and will play an important part in a young person's social, emotional and educational development. Activities can involve anything from football in the park, seeing the latest films or other things that you both want to do. Budget and travel expenses are provided each month.

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Seeing your information

One of the main rights which the Data Protection Act and GDPR gives you is the right of access to your personal information. If you receive children’s social care services from the Trust or from Doncaster Council, or have done in the past, you can ask to see your records by making a subject access request. Requests to the Trust are handled under an agreement with Doncaster Council.

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