What is advocacy?

Advocacy means having an adult to help you get your message across. They will support you to make sure your voice is heard when plans are being made to support you. 

Who can be supported by an advocate from the Trust?

We provide an advocate for any child or young person who has a Doncaster social worker, even if they live in another part of the country. Any young person can request support from an advocate. If you are a young person making a complaint about children's social care in Doncaster you can ask for an advocate to support you with this even if you do not have a social worker. 

What can an advocate do for you?

They can:

  • Help you express your views and opinions in meetings
  • Support you to complain about something you are unhappy about
  • Help you to understand your rights
  • Go to meetings and speak for you if you don’t want to attend
  • Help to change things in your life
  • Make sure you're being  listened to
  • Support you to speak up for yourself
  • Be there for you

How can I get an advocate?

You can ask someone to contact us about advocacy. This could be a family member, a carer, a social worker, an IRO (independent reviewing officer) or anybody else who you trust.  

Or you can contact us yourself in any of the following ways:

The Advocacy Team, Colonnades House, Duke Street, Doncaster, DN1 1ER

More information

For more information about advocacy for young people download the pdf below.

“She is a really good social worker. She listens to me; she fights for my rights; she has a laugh with me and is honest with me. She is the best social worker ever.”


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