Story Two

I was homeless and alone before I met my Pause Practitioner. I never trusted services or engaged with them. When I first met Pause I was homeless, depressed, isolated, I had difficult family relationships, I had no friends. I had nothing.

I would like you to know about was important about Pause for me. It was about me – where I wanted to meet and how I wanted, if I wanted to talk. I was in control, I decided.

She wasn’t telling me to do things. She gave me time and helped me sort out my housing. They never told me what to do.

I can speak to Pause about anything, you don’t feel judged.

It helped me work through things inside of me. They made me feel really cared about.

Thanks to Pause I now have a good relationship with my work coach, he understands me and what my needs are.

Now I’m a totally different person. I can do more things for myself, I feel more worthwhile. Now I have home of my own, I’ve had it for almost two years. I have never kept a tenancy that long on my own. I have a dentist, a GP I go to appointments. I never did this before.

I can now talk to my Mum, she seems to understand me. Pause helped me with this. We talk about emotions and we never could before.

I can now move forward. I know who I am now, I am lot happier. I know I am worth something, I have pride in myself, I belong somewhere. I feel loved.

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