Story Two

I was homeless and alone before I met my Pause Practitioner. I never trusted services or engaged with them. When I first met Pause I was homeless, depressed, isolated, I had difficult family relationships, I had no friends. I had nothing.

I would like you to know about was important about Pause for me. It was about me – where I wanted to meet and how I wanted, if I wanted to talk. I was in control, I decided.

She wasn’t telling me to do things. She gave me time and helped me sort out my housing. They never told me what to do.

I can speak to Pause about anything, you don’t feel judged.

It helped me work through things inside of me. They made me feel really cared about.

Thanks to Pause I now have a good relationship with my work coach, he understands me and what my needs are.

Now I’m a totally different person. I can do more things for myself, I feel more worthwhile. Now I have home of my own, I’ve had it for almost two years. I have never kept a tenancy that long on my own. I have a dentist, a GP I go to appointments. I never did this before.

I can now talk to my Mum, she seems to understand me. Pause helped me with this. We talk about emotions and we never could before.

I can now move forward. I know who I am now, I am lot happier. I know I am worth something, I have pride in myself, I belong somewhere. I feel loved.

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“Having an Independent Visitor volunteer was the best thing that ever happened to me, and nine years later we’re still going strong. I'd be lost without you guys.”

Care leaver (aged 20)

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