Story Three

Before Pause I didn’t have much fun, and wasn’t very happy. I was in a domestic violent relationship and was controlled with what I could and couldn’t do. My physical health wasn’t good either, I always put myself down about the way I looked and I didn’t eat.

My mental health was very difficult and I was having a very tough time. I never felt happy and hardly engaged with support because I wasn’t allowed to see my Pause worker.

My self-esteem was so low I couldn’t communicate, go out, and have the life I wanted to because of everything that had happened. I lost all confidence and my anxiety was very bad.

My ex-partner was very controlling and aggressive. I didn’t think I could keep myself safe, I was frightened of violence and being hit. I was in a very difficult position and was scared to talk to anyone about what was going on, I was very emotional and because of this my child was taken away.

My house situation was terrible, I was sofa-surfing and didn’t have a place I could call home. I wasn’t very good with money and my ex used to take it away from me.

Now I feel so much happier, I engage more with Pause and other women, I have made friends and I feel confident and my anxiety has improved so much I can do anything I want without people stopping me. My relationship with my family has improved and I see them more regularly.

I am eating regularly, and attend all my health appointments. I look after myself more. With support from my Pause practitioner I ended my abusive relationship and I am so much happier than I was before.

I feel my life has changed a lot since the start of Pause!

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“Volunteers are the best. People don’t understand or realise how much time and effort it takes to make their young person feel safe and trust them.”

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