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Staying safe online

Although many young people are very tech savvy, they may not understand the risks posed.There are a number of simple tips to keep young people safe:

  • Parents can install software on their child’s IT device to filter inappropriate material and to monitor what they are doing online.
  • Parents should place the computer in a place where they can see what their child is doing online.
  • Parents can teach their children not to give out personal information about themselves or their family and friends.
  • Parents can talk to their children about being careful with so called ‘friends’ online who may not be who they think they are, and to discourage them from meeting ‘friends’ who they have met this way.

The PACE - Parents against child sexual exploitation website gives further information and advice for parents.

You can also find more advice for children and young people on the childline website and age-specific advice at 

For a range of information about keeping yourself or a child you know safe from child sexual exploitation including how to report concerns visit 

Information about safeguarding children online on a range of topics is also available at Get Safe Online 


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