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Community Panel Volunteer Scheme

The young people gain confidence and sometimes qualifications they can use later to enable them to play a full part in their own life and the community. Watching them grow is rewarding enough.
Mark, Community Panel Volunteer

Our Youth Offending Service works with young people aged 10 -18 who have committed an offence and gone through a formal process resulting in a Police Caution, or Court Order.

One such Court Order is known as a Referral Order.

Once the order has been issued, a panel of two volunteers will meet with the young person to discuss the Referral Order contract; to offer support, assistance and, where necessary, arrange for the young person to carry out voluntary work in the community.

The panel is made up of volunteers from the local community. We are looking for more volunteers to join our existing panel members.

What we look for in a volunteer

We are particularly keen to hear from people from the following groups: those aged between 18-30 and volunteers from Doncaster’s vibrant multi-cultural society - as we wish to help reflect the ages and backgrounds of the young people who are subject to Referral Orders.

However, any applicant will be considered, as our volunteers are vital to the success of the Referral Order process.

Can you:

  • Engage and support young people from all walks of life who may have complex and challenging backgrounds? A good panel member will be compassionate but firm, as building a relationship is a key to success.

Volunteers who are flexible

  • Panels take place during the week at a mutual time for the young person and the victim of their offence, so this can be evenings or daytime (the panel members are allocated to the young person based on their availability). Currently no weekend panels take place.
Find out more

If you think that this could be for you and you have a bit of spare time but want to know more first, then please contact Kathryn West on 01302 736100, or email:

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If you have already decided you want to apply, then please contact Amy Hughes on 01302 73612, or email:

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