12 Days of Trust Fostering Christmas

If you like Trust Fostering on Facebook and follow us on Twitter you will have hopefully have seen our Christmas campaign; the 12 days of Trust Fostering Christmas. We’re using the Christmas carol to highlight not only the 12 things we’re proudest of at Trust Fostering, but also the 12 things that make being a part of our fostering family different from anywhere else. These are:

  • Placement stability, which is vastly improved by our innovative Mockingbird programme.
  • Our weekly youth club, which is the only one in the country (as far as we know!) and lets foster families get together for a much needed catch up.
  • The DFCA, who act as advocates for foster carers, offer support, friendships and a whole host of family friendly activities.
  • Mockingbird, an alternative fostering model with numerous benefits including helping to make foster carers, children and young people feel more confident and secure.
  • Our experienced social workers, who are on hand 24/7.
  • Our big fostering family, which you become a part of from the moment you begin fostering with us. From the DFCA to Mockingbird, you’re never on your own.
  • Our foster carer training, which is Fostering Network approved and helps our foster carers be fully prepared for the challenges fostering can bring.
  • Our local office, based in Doncaster town centre, so we are right on our foster carers doorstep when it comes to training, events and even just popping in for a catch up.
  • Our not-for-profit culture, we’re proud to be part of Doncaster Children’s Services Trust, which aims to make a difference to children and young people in Doncaster.
  • The Trust’s amazing Chief Executive’s Young Advisors who help us make decisions by telling us what being a young person in foster care is really like.
  • Our competitive rates of pay, although we know it isn’t about the money, we do offer generous allowances which mean our foster carers can comfortably care for children and young people in need.
  • And finally the chance to make a huge difference to children and young people; we know even the simplest of things can make a big difference to a child or young person in care. The simple act of opening your home to a foster child can change their life, with Trust Fostering you’re supported in doing this from day one.  

We need foster carers from all walks of life, if you’re passionate about improving the lives of children and young people, can be understanding and a good listener and have a good sense of humour then you’d make a fantastic foster carer. You’ll need at least one spare bedroom and to be over 21 years old too.

If this sounds like you, contact our friendly fostering team to take the first steps to changing yours, and someone else’s, life. Call us on 0808 129 2600 or enquire through our website www.trustfostering.co.uk

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