Bags of Creativity for Doncaster Young Makers

Over 1,000 bags packed with creative activities and inspiring materials will be delivered to children and young people across Doncaster this summer.

The Bags of Creativity have been developed by IVE, in partnership with Doncaster Cultural Education Partnership, CAST, and darts (Doncaster Community Arts) to make sure children and young people can be creative at home by providing everything they need in one bag.

Working with Doncaster Children’s Services Trust, who will be distributing the bags to children and young people they support.

The Bags of Creativity contain 20 specially designed ideas and activities for three separate age groups ranging from 2-16 years old. The activities have been designed by a team of selected local artists and Doncaster arts organisations who have provided high quality creative ideas for children and young people to get involved in.

To ensure the activities and resources were appropriate, safe and high quality each practitioner attended professional development sessions with an expert in developmental stages of childhood so they could create bespoke activities to suit each age group.

A team from Doncaster Cultural Education Partnership came together at The Point to undertake the mammoth task of filling the bags with an incredible range of high quality resources and activity postcards. Over 3 long days a team of 6 stuffed the bags with all sorts of resources including sketchbooks, paints, modelling clay, fabric, scissors, glue, mirrors, sound catchers and a whole host of other wonderful things.

The Trust have worked to identify and distribute these bags to the children and young people under their care to ensure each child can benefit from this opportunity.

Commenting on this initiative James Thomas, Doncaster Children’s Services Trust Chief Executive said: “Engagement with art can have a profound effect on the development of a child and young person, allowing therapeutic, personal and social benefits.

“A lot of young people often want to get into arts but need to help to find the resources and opportunities to do so. We are over the moon to be able to work with our partners to support our young people and children in need.

“We are thrilled to have received such a generous amount of these bags and would like to thank those involved for their careful consideration.”

“You painted a picture of the situation for the young person and were clearly passionate about promoting his voice.”

Practice development social worker

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