Bags of hope for the young people

Working to support vulnerable children through this challenging times, Doncaster Children’s Services Trust have developed a fun and caring initiative known as ‘Rainbow bags.’

Funded through a collaboration of teams at the Trust, the bags have been delivered across the Borough to twenty-five young people and care leavers who have an existing relationship with the organisation.

An idea developed by a trio of colleagues at the Trust, including one of the Trust’s Young Advisors and PC Emma Bloodworth, a Seconded Police Officer. To provide a bit of positivity to ensure the young people and care leavers across the Borough that they aren’t alone.

Speaking on the rainbow bag initiative, PC Emma Bloodworth creator said: “It was great to come together with my colleagues from across the Trust and create a plan on how we could provide our young people with a supportive message. This is a challenging time for most, and can be especially hard on our vulnerable young people so it is important to remind them that we are still here.”

Doncaster Children’s Services Trust prides itself on its commitment to child wellbeing, and focuses on working to make a difference.

Chief Executive of the Trust, James Thomas said: “Colleagues within the Trust are constantly thinking of how we can engage with young people throughout these challenging times, and we will continue to do our upmost to support the children and young people across the Borough.

“This trio have shown a fantastic way of communicating and supporting our children, young people and care leavers. They have shown commitment and dedication and we are very proud of their contribution.”

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