Cooking up a great autumn programme

Following on from a packed and successful Summer programme, there’s a busy schedule of activities lined up for young people involved in the Trust’s Targeted Youth Services (TYS) during the autumn.

In response to the popularity of the summer craft sessions, a series is to be run in the coming weeks, with weekly sessions of Christmas Crafting being organised in December.

Targeted Youth Services operational manager, Kathryn West, says that, as well as being engaging and fun to do, activities like the craft sessions also act in a therapeutic way.

“Young people find it easier to talk about difficult issues whilst they are engaged in an absorbing activity, where they don’t have to sit face-to-face with someone in an organised meeting. Plus they go away with an end product that they’ve made themselves.”

In November, a series of cooking and baking sessions will be added to the mix which, as well as helping young people with their culinary skills, will also involve help with general life skills, such as budgeting.

“All the recipes will be affordable but the young people will be taken into the town to learn the art of smart shopping – shopping around for the best value products and promoting our world-class markets,” says Kathryn.

In the run-up to the sessions, a Recipe of the Week is being displayed in the Colonnades reception area, where there are also copies to take away.

These are part of the re-vamped Junior Attendance Centre programme which has been opened up to everyone involved in TYS and this autumn is to include yoga /meditation sessions and two-part workshops delivered by the Street Doctors charity.

Kathryn explained: “The Street Doctors are emergency medics who help out during incidents literally on the streets.

“They will be doing work around dealing with blood loss and treating someone who is unconscious. They will also deal with issues around fighting.These sessions could literally be life-changing for a young person.”

All the activities will be held in Colonnades. For details of dates and times look at the TYS Facebook page.

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