An EPIC Day for young people at the castle

Archery and fencing will be among activities on offer when Doncaster’s youth crime prevention service, delivered by Doncaster Children’s Services Trust, hosts a free summer holiday event at Conisbrough Castle for children and teenagers. 

The event, for those aged between 11 and 17, will take place on Monday 7 August from 11am – 3pm and is part of the EPIC (Encouraging Potential, Inspiring Change) summer activities programme.

Staff are specially trained in archery, sword fencing and team building exercises designed for children to overcome challenges by working together. There will also be a free lunch provided as well as refreshments donated by the local Sainsburys.

Team EPIC hope to educate young people about the consequences of getting involved in crime and encourage them instead to participate in positive activities, in a bid to divert them from antisocial behaviour and crime in the community.

English Heritage, a registered charity responsible for the management of the Castle, has allowed the young people free access inside the Castle and its grounds for the event, as a gesture of appreciation for the work Team EPIC has carried out with children in Conisbrough since they started their outreach programme there in February.

As part of this, they have been running crime and consequences programmes in local schools and touring the area in their outreach bus to talk to young people about finding alternatives to getting involved in crime.

And, during that time, local people have really seen a difference, with comments including: “Since EPIC has started, the amount of young people committing crime has dropped significantly.” And: “There is a big difference now - it’s a lot safer and we see more people in the village that used to avoid the area.”

The castle event lead, EPIC programme worker Stephen Cole, hopes the day, which will showcase the Team EPIC programme, will help promote a lifestyle away from crime and help support the young people to develop in self-confidence and discover their full potential. 

Stephen said: “I’ve put a lot of work into this event because I want it to be a great success for the community, so young people can get something beneficial out of it.

 “Hopefully the kids will enjoy themselves and learn something valuable in the process.”

For more details about the event and the service Stephen and others provide, visit the EPIC website or visit their Facebook page @EPICDoncaster . If you’re from Conisbrough and have a child interested in attending the event, call Team EPIC on 01302 736100.


“Volunteers are the best. People don’t understand or realise how much time and effort it takes to make their young person feel safe and trust them.”

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