Fourth Mockingbird constellation launched in Doncaster

Yesterday, Wednesday 29 November 2017, saw the fourth Mockingbird constellation launched by Trust Fostering in Doncaster.

Since 2015 the Trust are proud to have been delivering Mockingbird; an alternative fostering method which can help improve placement stability and safety. Through Mockingbird our foster carers are better supported than ever before, and children and young people in care are finding themselves in increasingly permanent and supportive family homes.

Bringing together a number of foster families, Mockingbird helps us to create an extended network of support, made up of likeminded foster families who face the same ups and downs as one another. Fostering is challenging, but through Mockingbird we aim to bring normality to every foster family with Trust Fostering.

The fourth Mockingbird constellation focuses on families with younger children, which is against the norm for the programme which usually supports those caring for older children and teenagers.

Around ten foster families with preschool and below aged children will be receiving the unique brand of Mockingbird support, such as a shoulder to lean on, social activities and trips.

To find out more about how Mockingbird is changing the way we provide foster care, visit our website

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