It’s time to Be More Mindful

Young girls in Edlington will have the chance to attend a free online mindfulness course to help them deal with the effects lockdown has on their well-being.

The free digital course, called Be More Mindful, is available to young girls living in Edlington aged 10 to 17 years from Monday 27 July 2020.

Be More Mindful is a series of online group sessions that are being delivered by Doncaster Children’s Services Trust team EPIC in collaboration with Victoria Gill as part of the Expect Youth summer activity programme. Over the eight-week course, young people will have the opportunity to learn different meditation and mindfulness techniques to help manage stress, raise self-awareness, confidence and positive health behaviours during the weekly 90 minute sessions.

Victoria Gill, Mindfulness and Wellbeing Coach, said: “Being in lockdown at home is stressful, it can sometimes be frustrating and has left a lot of using feeling isolated, emotional and unhappy. Our new online course aims to help young people to find a little calm in all this chaos.

“The digital programme, which includes videos, downloads and live chats aims to support young people to feel relaxed and to achieve their own personal progress, to Be More Mindful.”

Speaking more about the Be More Mindful programme, Marcus Isman-Egal, EPIC Programme Manager said: “With many young people at home with limited contact to their friends during this lockdown period, it’s hard not to feel low and that the time before coronavirus is a thing of the past. So take a deep breath, it’s time to Be More Mindful.

“There are many benefits of mindfulness. It can help reduce stress and anxiety, help you to feel calmer and think more clearly, as well as feeling happier and more positive. So in these trying times, why not incorporate mindful practices into your daily routine that can help you stay calm, focused and help you build healthy coping skills making mindfulness work for you and your friends.”

Extensive international studies also show that young people who are mindful, either through their character or through learning, tend to experience greater well-being, and

that being more mindful tends to accompany more positive emotion and reduces the risk of mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

The sessions are free to any young person living in the Edlington. To register for a place contact Victoria by emailing or call 07895 644 931.

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