Keep talking as part of Child Sexual Exploitation awareness day

A multi-agency team who are working in partnership to tackle Child Sexual Exploitation (CE) are extra busy this month as they are immersed in continuing to raise the profile of the issue as part of national  CSE Awareness Day.

While the national day is to be held on Monday 18 March, the team – which includes representatives from Doncaster Children’s Services Trust, the Rotherham, Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust (RDaSH), South Yorkshire Police and the Barnardo’s charity, are making moves to promote awareness and offer advice throughout the whole month of March.

Much of their work involves them in visiting local schools and 6th Forms to make sure that children and young people understand the dangers of being groomed and exploited. The team use a range of resources, including the Alright Charlie presentation, which aims to highlight the warning signs of grooming in an age appropriate way. It includes teachers’ guidance, a children’s workbook and a video seen through the eyes of Charlie who is being groomed by Danny.

As well as highlighting the dangers to girls and young women, the team will raise awareness that CSE also affects boys and young men – something which is not widely known about.

The team are also to dedicate time to training and advising a range of professionals on spotting and dealing with the signs of CSE, including those from the health sector, such as GPs.

Carmel Bartlett, from Doncaster Children's Services Trust, said: “CSE is an absolutely abhorrent crime and something everyone can help in detecting. There are several tell-tale signs to look out for.”

She said these included:

  • Being cautious of older friends your child may have, or relationships with other young people where they appear to have control over your child.
  • Being aware of new, unexplained gifts and money
  • Carefully monitoring any instances of staying out late or not returning home.
  • Staying alert to changes in behaviour, or any physical signs of abuse such as bruising.

“Working with our partners we have developed a specialist team who are dedicated to safeguarding young people, working with individuals at risk, disrupting offenders and helping victims escape the cycle of abuse,” added Carmel.

For more information about CSE and how to report it, go to:

“When I met with them, they were very complimentary about the support they’d had from you and the Trust in general. “

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