Mentors mission for new recruits

A year of progress for Doncaster Children’s Services Trust as its Trusted Mentor service celebrates its first year of helping some of Doncaster’s children and young people to achieve their aspirations.

Launching in January 2019, the service, funded by the Department for Education’s Doncaster Opportunity Area Programme, has enlisted volunteers’ mentors who are supporting young people from across the borough to discover their potential and take the important first steps towards realising their dreams. The service is hoping to help more young people and has set the target of supporting 300 young people by July 2020.

The Trust is looking for a range of passionate individuals to give some of their time to provide additional support to children and young people who just need a little extra help to find their feet. A dedicated team of Trusted Mentor co-ordinators match pupils aged 9 to 18 with a volunteer who shares their same interests. The volunteer then spends time with the young person exploring ways of increasing their confidence and finding out what they want to achieve in life and what steps they need to take to achieve it.

So what is it really like to volunteer for the Trusted Mentors? One volunteer comments: “It’s really heartwarming, I mentor two boys and when I see both boys taking part in fun activities that they’ve never tried before I feel quite emotional. I love being a mentor.”

One young person who is taking part in the project said: “My mentor is amazing, he helps me with my troubles and we do fun things because we share all the same interests.”

Project Manager of the scheme, Cheryl Blackett said: ‘We’ve had a brilliant year running our mentoring scheme and can see it is already making a difference to the lives of the young people we are supporting in Doncaster. We have already had so many great volunteers join us on our journey so far, and can’t wait to recruit some more to help support our children and young people.”

If you would like to become a Trusted Mentor or to find out more about the scheme visit

You can call the Trusted Mentor team on: 01302 735721.

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