National Adoption Week

National Adoption Week 2016

Monday17 October is the start of 2016 National Adoption Week (17-23rd October), and is part of a campaign to promote a wider understanding of adoption and to encourage adopters to come forward for children currently waiting for “forever families”.

Claire Holmes, Adoption Team Manager at Doncaster Children’s Services Trust says, “Our aim, this National Adoption Week, is to dispel some of the myths that surround adoption and to invite everyone to find out more by contacting us on 01302 737366 or visiting our website

Claire continued “Over the last few years we have seen an increase in people applying to become adoptive parents. This has led to a misconception that there is no longer a need for adopters to come forward.

Sadly, there are still a number of children in Doncaster waiting for a permanent family. I’d like to appeal to everyone in the Doncaster area, if you have been thinking about adoption contact our adoption team on 01302 737366.

You can also help raise awareness of adoption by sharing the hashtag #SupportAdoption on social media”.  

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