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Take your first steps to completing your family this LGBT fostering and adoption week

Members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community are being encouraged to consider fostering or adoption this LGBT fostering and adoption week which runs from Monday 5 – Sunday 11 March 2018.

Sue May, Head of Service for Looked After Children at Doncaster Children’s Services Trust said: “We know people can worry that they won’t be approved as foster carers or adopters because of their sexuality; this is an unfortunate myth and something that we want to dispel.”

The Trust are encouraging people in Doncaster from all walks of life, who want to complete their family by caring for or adopting a youngster, to talk to the friendly and experienced social work team this week and start the process they might have been putting off for years.

Sue added: “It can be daunting taking those first steps to fostering or adoption, especially if you believe you might not have a chance from the outset. Our main priority is assessing a person’s ability to care for a child or young person, not their sexuality.”

Those wanting to find out more are invited to contact the Trust on 0808 129 2600 for fostering enquiries or 0345 112 0012 for adoption enquiries.

Finally, Sue added: “We want people from all walks of life to apply to foster or adopt with us. We know that what makes a great carer or adopter is someone who is enthusiastic, has great listening skills and the patience to care for a child or young person and to help them achieve their potential.”

People from all backgrounds can make great carers, regardless of marital status, sexuality, race or religion. All that is required is at least one spare bedroom, an enthusiastic and passionate attitude and the time and patience to care for children and young people.

Find out more about joining the Trust as a foster carer or adopter by clicking here.

“She really listened to me, I really felt heard.”

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