Warm welcome promised at children’s centre

Staff at the Trust's Beechfield Centre have launched a video to show children what they can expect when they arrive for planned visits with their family.

Designed to allay any fears or concerns children, who have been taken into care, may have about their first visit, the video has been created as a guided tour, with staff introducing themselves and highlighting the exciting facilities on offer at the centre, on College Road.

Unveiling the video, centre manager Gaenor Hemingway explained: “Many children have only just been removed from their family a few days before their first visit to Beechfield and so adding to that traumatic situation, they are then coming to somewhere else that is new and possibly frightening.

“We wanted to make a video that carers could show to children ahead of their first visit, to show them that Beechfield is a friendly place to come and somewhere they can have some fun.”


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