Chloe Green has plans for her future

Young Advisor makes her way in the world

Dynamo young woman, Chloe, went into care at the age of 15 and now, as a care leaver, is one of a group of Young Advisors with the Doncaster Children’s Services Trust.

At 19, she is independent, with a full-time job and her own car – and she is also Chair of the Children in Care Council via the Doncaster Children’s Services Trust.

She is testament to the success of finding the right care setting to create the catalyst for a bright future for our young people. But it sometimes takes a little while to find the right fit – something the Trust is happy to work hard at, in co-operation with our looked after children and young people.

For instance, Chloe’s first care setting, four years ago, was not a great success and only lasted two months. It just wasn’t right for her.

“It just didn’t work out and I asked to move,” said Chloe, adding: “The second foster couple, however, changed my life. They were – and are – like my parents.

“They helped build my confidence because they were so understanding. I still go round for tea because they mean so much to me.“

When Chloe, who now works in the DMBC Attendance and Pupil Welfare Service, was living at home she had care responsibility for her brother who is four years younger, as well as the household to look after.

“When I went to my second foster home it was like I was set free,” she said.

While living with her carers she decided she wanted to be a role model to other younger foster children at the house – a role she still embraces as a Young Advisor with the Trust. She just has that natural affinity with children.

Chloe still sees her brother who is in foster care with a different family but, she says, she gets to do fun stuff with him now. “We do brother/sister things, like going to the cinema, going out for tea, or to Karaoke,” she said.

She is an ambitious young woman with a clear focus on her future. She has always had a keen interest in helping the deaf community and already has a Level 3 in British Sign Language under her belt. She is hoping to further her expertise by going on to University to study Level 6.

“My passion is working with young people and children in care and helping them to have the best future they can so they don’t feel different to everyone else,” she said.

“But my ultimate future goal is to run my own business with a team of people, offering one-to-one support within the deaf community.”

In the meantime, she is doing a sterling job as a Young Advisor, with her latest role being a presenter with some of her peers at the Trust’s 2nd Anniversary celebrations, which were attended by Minister of State Edward Timpson and Chief Social Worker Isabelle Trowler.

Trust Chief Executive Paul Moffat said: “It is vitally important for us at the Trust to ensure that our children and young people have the right setting in which they can feel happy and secure and go on to reach their full potential  in fulfilling their aspirations.

“Not only do we talk directly to our children and young people in care but we offer full-time support to our foster carers, as it is just as important for them to feel happy in the hugely important role they play in our children and young people’s lives.”


“When I met with them, they were very complimentary about the support they’d had from you and the Trust in general. “

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