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We are always here for our children, young people and families 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. 

If you are worried about a child and wish to speak to a person you can contact us by calling 01302 737777 or in the evening or at weekends call 01302 796 000.

Otherwise complete the form below by clicking the 'start now' button. 

Where you believe there is immediate risk of significant harm the police should be contacted on 999.

Use this form if you have a concern about a child or want to enquire about Early Help.

You can complete the form which will go to One Front Door and you will get one of two responses.

In order for this form to be processed it must be completed in full and consent must be provided (only if a child would be put at risk can a form be submitted without consent).

Urgent concerns regarding a child or young person’s mental health

If you have urgent concerns regarding a child or young person’s mental health, please call the duty team on (01302) 796 191.

Urgent child protection concerns

If you are worried about a child that might be at immediate risk of harm or if the situation is an emergency do not wait to contact the LADO and contact either Children’s Services and/or the Police straight away. The LADO can then be contacted after the child is safe.

For reporting allegations against staff, carers and volunteers working with children within Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council you can do this through the LADO Referral form found at: Safeguarding concern - LADO (Local Authority Designated Officer) referral form - Doncaster Council

Urgent safeguarding concerns

For urgent safeguarding concerns please call the Duty team, on 01302 737 777.

If this concern is not deemed to be immediate you will be asked to fill in this form.

Start Now – Please note that this link will take you through to our web form which is hosted on Doncaster Council’s website.

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“When I met with them, they were very complimentary about the support they’d had from you and the Trust in general. “

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