Welcome to Doncaster Children’s Services Trust

Delivering social care and safeguarding to children, young people and families.

Early help for children, young people and families

We deliver intensive support to families to help prevent issues getting worse or needing more help further down the line. We provide this support in distinct services and through partnership working with the Youth Services and Children’s Centres across the borough.

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Help keeping children safe

Every child and young person in Doncaster deserves to feel safe and have the best chance in life. We play a key part in making this happen. We are the first point of contact for anyone who has a concern about a child’s safety and we oversee processes and procedures relating to Child Protection. We are a member of the Doncaster Children’s Safeguarding Board and work closely with partners to do the best we can together.

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Help for looked after children and care leavers

We provide a range of services to children in care including those in children’s homes. We also have a service for young people who are getting ready to leave care to help them make the right decisions as they approach adulthood.

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